VerTable 36 - The Vertical Salad Table


FREE DELIVERY to most metro areas

The simple, cheap, clean and fast way to grow fresh herbs and veggies

90%* water saving
10 year warranty on grow channels**
Save $BIG on herbs and veggies
The VerTable 36 Plant Vertical Salad Table is our newest and most space efficient model yet. It fits practically anywhere so now anyone can have the opportunity to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in the smallest of spaces. When this garden is parked against a wall in your backyard, courtyard, on the patio or even on your high rise balcony, you have the power to grow what you want, create the perfect dish, and show off your culinary talents to all your friends and family.
You can grow the freshest of fresh herbs and nutrient packed vegetables all year round.
It's the combination of oxygen and nutrient rich water travelling directly to your plant roots that is the key to extraordinary growth. With a few hours of sun a day your seedlings will become full grown in around 3-4 weeks on average, not 6-8 weeks as in a soil garden (if your'e lucky)...
The future of food production is here and now.
Everything included -
  • 36 plant VerTable Vertical Salad Table
  • 60 litre nutrient tank
  • High quality efficient pump
  • 2L Nutrient pack
  • 54 Seed growing cubes
  • Simple Instructions
Dimensions - 1m wide, 1.6m high (flat packed for delivery and requires assembly)
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indicates estimates
** channel degradation only
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