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The Salad Table
Your own personal farm
No weeds... No bending... No toxic chemicals
Growing your own fresh herbs and veggies has never been easier, cleaner or more productive. Stop paying big $ for supermarket produce and start paying less than 40c a bunch
Grow coriander, parsley, watercress, strawberries, thyme, dill, kale, oak leaf lettuce, coral lettuce, cos lettuce, butterhead lettuce, basil, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, choy, celery, wombok cabbage, cucumber, mint, lemon basil, mustard greens, silverbeet, endive, swiss chard, chives, lavender, marjoram, sage, beans, chillies, mizuna
All natural
 Pop your seedlings straight in, add water and nutrient, turn on the small efficient pump and watch your plants grow.
Fresh produce
 Big fresh bunches in an area smaller than 2 square metres means you will always have fresh produce on hand .
Fast Growing
Fast Growing
 Your fresh herbs and veggies will grow up to twice the speed of soil gardens and the taste is absolutely mind blowingly awesome.
Total control
Total Control
 We provide you with simple instructions and all the resources to start growing now. We use the same technique on our farm.
The No.1 Choice
The Salad Table is rapidly becoming the no.1 trusted household gardening system throughout Australia. From Sydney to Perth, Hobart to Darwin and everywhere in between people are changing their lives and starting to eat more healthily, losing weight, saving money on groceries and enjoying the benefits of gardening.
The Smart Garden Benefits
Flexible Payment Options
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and ready to grow
Quiet efficient pump
Durable stand
60 litre nutrient tank
5 litre Nutrient Pack 
Grow cubes for seed raising
Simple instructions
Full Grown garden
We believe in quality and community.
All our Salad Tables are hand made in our QLD workshop. We take enormous pride in every one of them because we know that each and every Salad Table will change lives in some way. Whether you have decided it's time for a healthy lifestyle, you need to lose a few kgs or you are sick of skyrocketing supermarket prices, we have the solution.
Being farmers ourselves, we understand the process of seed to plate and are here to lend a hand. Whether you are a first time gardener or a seasoned green thumb we can show you how to grow the best nutrient rich produce no matter where you live in Australia. Our large network of Salad Table owners are always willing to share info and experiences so you can rest assured knowing that any gardening issues will have a solution at hand.
"Our salad table is exploding with greenery at a very rapid pace! Daily we are getting lettuce, tomatoes, chillies and herbs from it. There's some green beans on the way as well"
Lauren - Central Coast, NSW
How it works

Feeding your plants with a perfectly balanced nutrient supply directly to the root system allows them to grow twice as fast as traditional dirt gardening. It only requires a thin film along the base of the grow channel as the roots will naturally draw the nutrient rich water up. Lots of oxygen (carbon dioxide) becomes available to the plant allowing it to flourish. A healthy fast growing plant is less prone to insects and disease.

Your complete system comes with a small efficient pump that keeps the flow going. It uses very little power and is extremely quiet. We also provide grow cubes and seeds to start your own seedlings, and of course, the Nutrient. We use this nutient on our farm because it is the best by a long shoot (I mean shot)... It's why the magic of growth happens.

Plants ready for hasvesting
We have a model to suit every space
Perfect for the smaller family or where space is limited. Grow 21 herbs and veggies at a time all year round
Grow your favourite larger type veggies such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach and much much more. .
Grow not only herbs and veggies but also vine crops such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and beans just to name a few 
Similar to the 36 but packs more punch. Simple maths, 13 plants every week = 676 every year = big savings
The 52 Plant with Trellis
Our most popular model and for good reason. It simply has all the benefits of all our models packed in to one.
This is our herb monster designed to produce around 800 bunches a year based on an average 4 week cycle
Grow larger vine crops in a specially designed 225mm wide heavy duty channel + herbs and veggies in 2 standard channels
This is your Salad Table if space is an issue. With a 1m x 30cm footprint grow 36 herbs in closer spaced holes against any wall
Want More Info
Let us show you the easy way to grow your own fresh food
Grown own fresh food

Total control
"Money well spent. Endless supply of salad, right outside my kitchen. No back breaking tasks. Thank you.
Corazon - Sydney

Just some of the many benefits of growing your own fresh herbs and veggies
No risk of imported disease
Save $1000's on grocery bills
No more unwanted toxic chemicals