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How to Use Grow Cubes
Plants of grow cubes
Grow Cubes
Can't grow seedlings? Don't have a green thumb? Want that special variety but cant find them in the nursery? The Salad Table Grow Cubes have solved your problems. 
Plants grown using grow cubes
Empty grow cubes
Seedings on grow cubes

Growing your own seedlings has never been easier. Even if you have never tried it before, by following our simple instructions you will have nursery quality (or better) seedlings constantly all year round. The seeds and grow cubes that we provide are the same as we use on our farm.For the 36 plant Salad Table it is best to seed 9 plants per week. This will create a constant turn over of fresh produce on a 4 week rotation. When you have a flow going, you can seed, harvest and replant seedlings all on the same day and within minutes.

Follow these simple instructions
Cut or break off the required amount of Grow Cubes and place into a container. It is best to have in a single block of Grow Cubes, e.g. 3 x 3 together as they will hold the nutrient rich water more efficiently.
Place your seed, or seeds depending on what herb/vegetable you are growing into the predrilled hole in the Growing Cube. * Amount of seed required is listed on the back of your seed packet. If you use hardware / nursery seed packs you should use my general rule of thumb. For any large plants like lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes etc use 1 seed in your Grow Cube. If it's a bunch type plant such as parsley, coriander, mint, basil, and other herb types then use about 6 - 10 seeds.
Using the premixed nutrient from your 60 litre Nutrient Tank, wet down the Growing Cubes until they are soaked. Drain off excess water. You should not have any water pooling in the bottom of container.
It is very important not to have your seedlings sitting in a pool of nutrient as they will not grow. It is just as important not to let them dry out totally. You will soon find it easy to work out how moist or dry they are by the weight.
Place your containter in a warm position such as the kitchen window sill where they will recieve a few hours of sun a day. Morning or afternoon sun is perfect. If you put them outside, protect from extreme temperatures, wind, rain, frost and excess sun. When the seedlings are maturing you can leave them outside in a container with drain holes in case it rains. Remember, too much water will kill your seedlings. If you find your seeds are not germinating or going mouldy, try watering from below i.e. add water to your container and allow the water to draw up through the grow cube rather than watering from above. Ensure you tip out the excess water. 
Re-water with nutrient from the Nutrient Tank when the Growing Cubes start to dry out. Do not overwater.
By letting them dry a little, the seedling will send out roots to find more nutrient. You will then feed them again to make them strong, followed by drying and roots get bigger. This proccess continues to make the plant strong, healthy and fast growing.
When your seedling is big enough, break it apart like a chocolate block and drop it straight into The Salad Table. In a few short weeks your big fresh healthy bunch will be ready to harvest.
It is as simple as that...
If you find growing your own seedlings is not for you, buy seedling punnets from your local nursery or market, gently wash off the dirt and place the seedling directly into the hole. Larger mature seedlings work better using this method as they are less likely to get washed down the channel. You may need to create a little shade for the first few days until they begin to establish.