Microgreen Kit

FREE DELIVERY (most areas)
The simple, cheap, clean and fast way to grow microgreens, microherbs and sprouts
Uses very little water
Complete Kit ready to grow
Save $$$ on grocery bills
The Salad Table Microgreen Kit includes 3 seed varieties; Rocket, mizuna and tatsoi. Micro greens, also called micro herbs are packed with nutrition and big on flavour. They are very fast growing, extremely easy to grow and can be grown anywhere

Our kit includes

  • A durable long lasting microgreen growing container. Size: 31cm x 21cm x 5cm
  • 3 x seed varieties - Rocket, mizuna and tatsoi 
  • 5 x Reusable* Microgreen mats specifically designed for growing microgreens, microherbs and sprouts
  • 50ml bottle of nutrient (makes 10L) 
  • Simple instructions on how to grow
Suited to indoor growing including caravans, apartments, cafes, restaurants and of course - your place.
Your kit can also be adapted to your existing Salad Table to allow you to now grow fresh herbs, veggies, vine crops AND micro greens
Note - we cannot provide seeds to residents in WA and TAS due to strict quarantine regulations. Ensure to consume, dispose of or declare prior to crossing state borders. Please contact us for more info
*may be used several times 
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