Save Up To 90% Water

Save Up To 90% Water

Save Up To 90% Water

That's right, save up to 90% compared to soil gardening

When growing in dirt you water your plants from above, it hits the soil and starts to seep in, some of it then travels via the roots (hopefully) and then disappears never to be seen again. You repeat this process over and over using copious amounts of water and eventually your plant is ready to harvest (with dirt all through the roots, just saying)... You also have very little control of nutrient supply to the plants root system which normally results in slower growing and reduced quality produce. Your plants are generally smaller, more prone to insect attack and more likely to be less resistant to disease. It is a combination of all these factors that makes soil gardening a very hit and miss way to grow for less experienced gardeners. And, more and more people have less access to soil as our dwellings are becoming smaller, closer and ever upward.

When growing in The Salad Table you will have total control of the water and nutrient being provided to your plants whilst never having to worry about access to dirt again.

The Salad Table is designed so that water is recirculated through the root system. What doesn't get taken up by the plant travels back to the nutrient tank and then pumped back through the system again and again. The splashing effect as the nutrient rich water returns to the tank also creates an oxygenated environment which is vital for plants to thrive.

The water carries a perfectly balanced nutrient supply (the plant food) directly to the roots for the plant to uptake as required. As this is a constant process, your plants will grow faster, bigger and more importantly, will be very high in nutrient content making them extremely healthy compared to other forms of food growing. 

The Salad Table uses the same principles as more and more farmers are starting to use throughout the world, my farm included... Saving up to 90% water to grow the same amount of produce is definitely the smart way to grow.


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