The Science & Secrets of Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardens offer ideal growing conditions with perfectly balanced nutrition. Unlike soil gardens, where nutrient levels are unpredictable, hydroponics provides known quantities of essential elements directly to the plants. This ensures optimal growth without the risk of nutrient deficiencies or toxic build-ups.

In hydroponics, you periodically add water and nutrients to maintain balance. If certain elements aren't used by your plants, simply drain and refill the reservoir every six weeks. This is akin to refreshing your garden soil regularly, ensuring your plants always have access to the nutrients they need.


Positioning Your Salad Table

Place your Salad Table in a sunny spot, adjusting for your climate. In cooler areas, aim for full sun, while in hotter regions, provide some shade. The Salad Table is easy to move and can be protected from frost with netting or by relocating it.



Dealing with Pests & Weeds

Hydroponic plants grow faster and healthier, making them less prone to pests. There are no weeds in hydroponics, reducing insect activity. For pest control, use homemade organic sprays or commercially available options.


Avoiding Disease

Hydroponic systems are easier to clean and reset in case of disease. Use organic peroxide to eliminate any pathogens. Unlike soil gardens, where diseases can persist for years, hydroponic systems allow for a fresh start immediately.



Varieties Suited to Hydroponics

Here is a list of just some of the varieties that I have grown in my Salad Tables over the years:

• Green Oak Lettuce

• Red Oak Lettuce

• Coriander

• Parsley

• Watercress

• Strawberries

• Thyme

• Dill

• Kale

• Coral Lettuce

• Cos Lettuce

• Butterhead Lettuce

• Choy / Asian Greens

• Celery

• Mint

• Mustard Greens

• Silverbeet

• Endive

• Swiss Chard

• Chives

• Mizuna

• Rocket

• Okra

• Shallots

• Spring Onion

• Tomatoes

• Cherry Tomatoes

• Cucumbers

• And Even Edible Flowers

The Salad Table supports a wide range of plants, including various types of lettuce, herbs like coriander and parsley, strawberries, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, and even edible flowers. Hydroponics allows for versatility and high productivity in small spaces.

Our range of Salad Tables, Walls, and Towers are designed for different spaces, ensuring there's a model to suit your needs. With hydroponics, you can grow fresh, healthy produce efficiently and effectively, no matter your location.