Harvesting Your Salad Table

The Joy of Harvesting with Hydroponics

Harvesting isn’t just about removing entire plants but also picking leaves as needed, allowing plants like lettuce and herbs to keep growing. This method provides fresh ingredients for snacks and cooking whenever you want. A conveniently placed garden encourages frequent harvesting, making the process as nature intended.

Why I Love Harvesting

Harvesting is clean, quick, and delicious. It also frees up space for new seedlings. While I used to wait for my produce to reach record sizes for better photos, I’ve learned that most varieties taste better when not fully mature. Younger lettuce, for example, is sweeter and crisper.


Staggered Harvesting

Planting seedlings weekly ensures a continuous supply of fresh produce. Planting all at once leads to a large harvest followed by a gap. Set a weekly reminder to seed your chosen varieties. If growing your own seedlings isn’t for you, buy dirt-grown punnets on sale and use what you need each week, keeping the rest in their punnets.

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Salad Table

Harvest time is ideal for cleaning your Salad Table. Our models have removable lids for easy cleaning. Simply remove the lid with plants still inside, wipe out debris, and replace it. For mature plants or large vine crops, hose out the channel and remove larger plants before thorough cleaning.


Storing Your Harvest

Storage methods depend on the type of produce and intended use. Harvesting a few leaves at a time eliminates the need for storage. Bulk herbs can be frozen or dried, while lettuce is best consumed within a week, ensuring you always have fresh greens on hand.


Enjoy the fresh, delicious produce from your Salad Table!