How To Grow Your Own Seedlings

Easier Than You Think  Growing seedlings can be frustrating, but with the right resources, it's simpler than it seems. Follow these tips to successfully grow plants from seeds with The Salad Table.








1 Saturate grow cubes fully before adding seeds. Place them in a container, soak with water, then drain excess.

2. Position the container in a spot with good natural light, like a kitchen bench or window sill, or use full-spectrum LED grow lights. Gradually increase sunlight exposure as seedlings mature.

3. Add small amounts of water and nutrients to the grow cubes as they dry out, using capillary action to prevent disease.When seedlings are a couple of inches high, transfer them to seedling baskets and place them in The Salad Table.

Planting Plan

To ensure a continuous harvest, repeat the planting process weekly. For bunch-type varieties, use a pinch of seeds, and for single plants, use one or two seeds. Experiment with combinations like red and green lettuce or dill and watercress.


Tips for Successful Seedling Production

  • Use in-date seeds and store unused ones in the fridge.
  • Choose varieties suited to your climate and season.
  • Start with water for the first few days, then add nutrients after true leaves develop.


Growing Hydroponically Is So Much Better Than Soil Gardening

  • Reposition seedlings without transplant shock.
  • Inspect root health easily.
  • Faster growth with better oxygen and nutrients.
  • Use 90% less water.
  • Ideal for small spaces.

If growing your own seedlings isn't for you, buy seedling punnets, wash off the dirt, and place them in seedling baskets. Next edition, we'll cover growth stages, positions, pests, seasonal varieties, and more.