Indoor Hydroponic Kit

Grow Fresh Herbs and Produce Anywhere with an Indoor Hydroponic Kit

Now anyone can be a farmer anywhere in Australia with an indoor hydroponic kit. Starting a hydroponic garden at your home means that you are choosing a better way of living, starting with the herbs, fruits and veggies you eat from your garden and extending beyond every aspect of your life!

What You Can Expect from The Salad Table re Indoor Hydroponic Garden

With an indoor hydroponic garden, you can expect to have your favourite fresh herbs and produce on hand every week, and the benefits will extend to all elements of your daily life. 

  • Grow anything you want in your garden to suit your tastes. Our tables are not just for lettuce! You can plant parsley, mint, basil, coriander, chilies, tomatoes, kale, strawberries, beans, cucumbers, swiss chard, lavender, thyme and just about anything else you can think of cultivating to use in your cooking.
  • Once your indoor hydroponic garden table is all set up, you can expect to harvest fresh produce every week if you follow our instructions. We make it simple for anyone to be a farmer at home even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still have fresh herbs and fruits available at any time.
  • Starting your own hydroponic garden is not just a way to eat healthier and tastier produce—it’s a way to change your lifestyle for the better. The smallest changes in your life are often the ones that reap the greatest rewards later. It may seem like a little thing to begin a home garden, but once you start, you will see how growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables leads to a positive change in your perspective on food, eating and life itself.

What Sets The Salad Table Apart Regarding Their Indoor Hydroponic System

When it comes to our indoor hydroponic systems, some people might feel intimidated by the idea of starting a garden and the labour that comes with it. With The Salad Table hydroponic kits, there is no need to worry about difficulties because we have created a product designed for anyone to use in any setting across the country.

  • We created kits that are easy to set up that come with simple instructions. If you follow each step, you will have no problem starting a thriving indoor hydroponic herb garden at home. You may end up having to share what you grow with friends and family once it is flourishing because it will be too much for one household alone. 
  • If you have any questions about setting up your hydroponic table, starting the garden or maintaining your harvest, you can contact us for support. We provide ongoing customer assistance at any point in the process via phone, chat, email and in-person for those who are local. We’re always here to support our customers in their efforts. 
  • Have your hydroponic system delivered to your door for free! (to most areas) Order your kit online and have it delivered to your home within a week to start your garden right away. We make it simple to purchase and receive your order with our online store.

Our mission is to ensure that anyone can grow fresh produce at home with ease, and every aspect of our business supports this goal.

What You Stand to Gain if You Use The Salad Table

Before we were a business, we were farmers. We wanted to make it possible for everyone in Australia to see how easy and wonderful it is to be able to eat the fresh herbs, fruits and veggies you grow at your own home. From this desire, The Salad Table was born, allowing us to share our passion for the simple joy of growing food yourself. Our hydroponic systems allow anyone in Australia to become a farmer at home, and we make it easy to do and fun, providing ongoing support and excellent customer service. We want your hydroponic garden to thrive!

For any questions about our products, contact us, so we can provide a customised solution for you.