Hydroponic System

Why You Need Our Hydroponic System

Growing produce has never been more stress-free than with our Australian made hydroponic system. Our custom-built Salad Table is a simple system that requires no bending, has no weeds and administers the right amount of nutrients to grow delicious herbs, vegetables and more. Our simple planting and hydroponic harvesting system for sale is perfect for small and large homes.

Problems Our Hydroponic System for Sale Addresses

Our produce-growing system remedies a few gardening problems such as:

  • You can place the table in the perfect location: Our systems come in a range of sizes so regardless of how large or small your space is, you can get one to suit your requirements. You can place your table in the ideal spot for your plants to receive natural sunlight as the structure is lightweight and portable. You can also move your system to a covered area when you need to protect your plants against frost.
  • We give you instructions for growing your plants: Our easy to follow instructions mean you can have quality produce all year round, even if you have never before grown plants. We can help you enjoy a continuous supply of fresh produce when following our 4-week rotation schedule. You can set it up so that you seed, harvest and replant seedlings on the same day and it only takes a few minutes.
  • Your plants will get the nutrients they need: We provide nutrient packs that contain the essential elements your plants need to thrive, and we make it easy to administer. By following our nutrient guidelines, you will apply the food directly to the roots of your plants which helps them to grow fast and healthy and, therefore, they will be less prone to disease and insect attack.

We offer free delivery to many regions in Australia.

The Importance of Our Hydroponic System in Australia

There are many benefits to growing plants using a hydroponic system, including:

  • You can use them indoors: Hydroponic systems remove the need to have fertile land to cultivate quality and healthy produce. You can grow plants all year round from any room in your home.
  • The plants grow faster: Plants grow 30-50% faster in our controlled hydroponic environment, meaning you can have access to fresh produce quickly. Your plants can also grow larger and healthier than when they grow in the soil.
  • Recycle resources: You can recycle the resources used in your hydroponic system, which helps to reduce the environment’s energy expenditure and waste. Reusing water and unused nutrients in your hydroponic system means that you will save money, time and energy when growing produce

Why Should You Use The Salad Table?

We are a family-owned business that is passionate about helping you easily grow quality, fresh produce in your own home. Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia using mostly local materials, and we stand behind our merchandise, even using The Salad Table to grow our own produce for sale. We offer quality products and excellent customer service. Our hydroponic system for sale is solidly constructed and rust-resistant. Contact us today to order your system and start growing your own produce.