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Seedlings on grow cubes

Add your seedlings of choice straight in to The Salad Table. We provide EVERYTHING to grow your own. You can even grab seedlings from your local nursery, wash the dirt off, and drop them straight in. It's that easy...


Hydroponic Garden

Peridically top up your tank with water and nutrient. In fact growing in The Salad Table will save up to 90% water. Our nutrient is the ONLY plant food you will ever need and you can use it for every type of plant. It contains all the natural elements that plants need to thrive and is always available to you with free delivery.


Smart Garden

After a few short weeks it's time to harvest. Each bunch will cost less than 40c, you know where it came from and you know what wasn't sprayed on it. Chuck a new seedling straight in to the empty hole and the whole process starts again. It really is the smart garden.

It's the smart garden



Feeding your plants with a perfectly balanced nutrient supply directly to the root system allows them to grow twice as fast as traditional dirt gardening. It only requires a thin film along the base of the grow channel as the roots will naturally draw the nutrient rich water up. Lots of oxygen (carbon dioxide) becomes available to the plant allowing it to flourish. A healthy fast growing plant is less prone to insects and disease.

Your complete system comes with a small efficient pump that keeps the flow going. It uses very little power and is extremely quiet. We also provide grow cubes to start your own seedlings, and of course, the Nutrient. We use this nutient on our farm because it is the best by a long shoot (I mean shot)... It's why the magic of growth happens.




No Weeds EVER

No Bending

No Toxic Chemicals

Cheap Fresh Herbs and Veggies Anytime

Grow on a Balcony, Courtyard, Verandah, Small Yard, etc

Less Water

Save Our Environment by Growing Yourself

Variety of plants

Less than 40c a bunch

"I have planted a wide variety of vegetables including mizuna, mibana, wombok, cabbage, pak choy, choy sum, rocket, kale, herbs, spinach perpetual gator, silverbeet, tasai, amaranth, Chinese celery, bunching onion, gai choi, capsicum, tomato etc"

​​​​​​Cathy - Brisbane



The 36 Plant Salad Table

Great for larger varieties such as lettuce, cabbage, choy, silverbeet and mizuna just to name a few. Add a trellis and grow tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries, beans or whatever your vine crop of choice is...

The 52 Plant Salad Table

Perfect for a combination of the larger varieties mentioned above + all types of herbs. For example basil, coriander, parsley, watercress, thyme, dill, kale, mint, lemon basil, mustard greens, endive, swiss chard, chives, lavender, marjoram, sage and more. It's almost endless. We can also provide you with a trellis to grow vine crops as well.

The 68 Plant Salad Table

For the herb addict, the master chef or anyone with an appetite for a healthy lifestyle. Grow up to 17 big fresh bunches of herbs every week or only use every second plant hole to grow the larger varieties as well. Its your choice...

The Starter Salad Table

The perfect companion if you only need a few fresh herbs and veggies every week. It has a smaller footprint than our other models but still allows you to have 21 awesome plants going at once. They may be herbs, larger veggies or a combination of both.

The VerTable - The Vertical Salad Table

Put the VerTable against any wall that gets a few hours of sun and you will be growing all your fresh produce in a space 1m wide x 20cm deep. It's free standing or attachable. A must for the smallest balcony or anywhere that is tight on room.

Stop paying huge prices for stale, small, chemical saturated and often disease ridden imported produce when you now can grow your own.

I use the same principles on my farm and provide you with a small part of it so you can grow your own anywhere, anytime...

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36 Plant

36 Plant

52 Plant with Trellis

52 Plant with Trellis

Starter Salad Table

Starter Salad Table

VerTable - The Vertical Salad Table

VerTable - The Vertical Salad Table

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