microgreen instructions

Microgreen Kit Instructions


Setting Up

  1. Place 1 microgreen mat into your supplied container and thoroughly soak through with fresh tap/tank water. Drain excess water so there is no pooling in the container. Pooling will increase the risk of seed rot.
  2. Sprinkle seeds onto the mat ensuring an even light coverage. Each seed packet contains enough seed to cover at least 2 mats.
  3. Placing the lid on the container is not necessary but if you do, ensure it is removed when the seeds begin to germinate. Excessive humidity inside the closed container will result in seed rot.
  4. Mix your nutrient by adding 5ml of nutrient to 1 litre of water and keep this handy for watering every day or 2.
  5. When the mat begins to dry out, add a very small amount of your mixed up solution to the base of the container around the edge of the mat. Move the container around until the mat is moist then drain off any excess nutrient to reduce the chance of seed rot. Do not add too much water as your seeds may wash of the mat if roots haven’t taken hold. It is important not to have your seedlings sitting in a pool of water as this may cause seed rot, poor germination or lack of growth
  6. Continue this watering process until your microgreens are ready to harvest.


Your Microgreens will grow best when placed on a windowsill inside. For the first few days there is no requirement for any direct sunlight. When germination has occurred and your greens are starting to grow, you may give them a couple of hours of sunlight to harden up, although not a requirement.


Your Microgreen nutrient is specifically blended to suit all varieties in all phases of plant growth, and all year round.

Rate of application is 5ml of nutrient to 1 Litre of water.

Water/nutrient usage will increase during warmer months and as your greens mature.

Harvesting and Storage

You should expect a harvest ready crop in about 1 – 2 weeks. You may choose to pick or cut your greens over a period of time instead of harvesting in one go. Cut your plants at the base with a pair of scissors. To store your greens, place in the crisper in your fridge for best results.


Simply wipe out or wash your microgreens container with warm soapy water after each crop.