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The Salad Table Microgeens Kit comes complete and ready to grow. The secret to your growing success is in the grow mat, a specially designed compostible material that enables optimum water holding capabilities while allowing plentiful access to air at the same time. This is the key to succesful gardening in any form.

No plant can survive without a food source and that is why we have included our signature nutrient into this kit. It contains all the required elements to not only grow, but to flourish. In fact this is the same nutrient that we supply with every Salad Table and is the only nutrient you will ever need. Once diluted, you will have 10L of the perfect plant food which is more than enough to support all your microgreen seeds in the kit. Remember, this is the only plant food you will ever need.

We also provide you with an Australian sourced seed supply in the form of 3 varieties. Rocket, mizuna and tatsoi are all beatifully flavoured and packed with nutrition. Grow on seperate mats or grow all varieties together on one - it's up to you. This garden is certainly one the healtiest lifestyle choices you will make.

Click here for instructions on how to use the Microgreen Growing Kit

Why not grow a "Happy Bithday" message, a "I love you" sign or just create a living picture.

Microgeens Kit

Plants growing on Microgeens Kit