Microgreens on the road

Your garden for the road

Your garden for the road

Start saving on your holiday shopping bills now and stop eating chemically treated, stale, overpriced soggy supermarket produce. With The Salad Table Micro Greens Kit you can grow your own on the road, up the track or in the campsite.

Get yours now... Grow Mats are reusable, plenty of seeds for stacks of fresh herbs. Price includes delivery.

WAS $49.95

NOW ONLY $34.95

30% OFF


Uses minimal water

Water is our most precious resource, especially when travelling, and this little garden uses very little - in fact hardly more than a cup for each harvest.

Big on nutrition and flavour

Micro greens, micro herbs and sprouts are not only tasty but extremely healthy. Use as a salad, in cooking, as a garnish or straight on a snag sandwich by the campfire.


"I would like to personally thank Denis from The Salad Table. He goes above and beyond with his exceptional customer service"

"My Salad tables have been a joy in growing fresh veggies and are a great asset to my family's health"

"Thank you for bringing a product suitable to the travellers market where we can enjoy the benefits of gardening without having to leave it behind"

Rebecca - QLD

Complete kit

Your kit includes 5 reusable grow mats specifically designed for exceptional growth, 3 seed varieties, nutrient, container and simple instructions.

Simplicity in design

Sprinkle a few seeds on the grow mat, add a touch of nutrient rich water occasionally, then harvest in a few days. Stores anywhere when travelling.

Aussie product

We put every kit together in our workshop on our farm in the Brisbane Valley in QLD. We then deliver to your door, caravan park or wherever you may be (a fixed address of course)

At The Salad Table we not only provide you with a product that we use when travelling, we actually designed it using similar principles as our farm in QLD. Our seeds are non GMO and sourced in Australia. They have a very high germination rate ensuring a plentiful herb harvest regardless of season and location.

WAS $49.95

NOW ONLY $34.95

30% OFF









SAVE $$$

Denis Matthews - Founder

The Salad Table is a family business located in the Brisbane Valley, QLD


We take out the guesswork to ensure your gardening success

All our products are proven and based on the same principles as our farm. We have enjoyed many micro green harvests on the road using our microgreen kits. So can you.

"Denis decided to revolutionise agriculture in Australia. He woke up one day and decided to give every person the opportunity to save thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of acres, millions of Litres of water, incalculable carbon credits- and the soul-crushing frustration of buying a soggy lettuce".

Patrick - GameChangerProject.org


Incredible growth with the only plant food you will ever need. We also use it on our farm and in our Salad Tables (pictured) valued at $

Our nutrient is a combination of all the essential elements which form the perfect balance

Each kit comes with enough nutrient to make 10L, Thats enough for 10 harvests, or more...

The Salad Table nutrient is what really makes the magic of growth happen. It contains all all the essential elements that plants require to survive in most environments. It is perfectly balanced and provides your micro greens, micro herbs and sprouts with everything they need to not only survive, but thrive.

5 Grow Mats

Grow from seed easily and fast. You can use these mats several times so imagine the greens you will produce on the road, or at home, cheaply...

Due to the grow mat design, capillary action and water holding capabilities, your plants will grow faster, stronger and healthier.

It's as simple as sprinkling a few seeds over the mat and keeping moist until harvest. Sit on the bench, under the awning or in the sun. When travelling just pop the tray in the sink or in the cupboard. It really is that easy.

We provide you with simple instructions on how to use the kits. We have been using them for many years in our travels and have saved lots on shopping. There is nothing better than having your own fresh produce on hand no matter where you are - the bush, the Outback, the beach... Mats are environmentally friendly and compostable.

3 Seed varieties

We have selected what we think is the most versatile range to compliment every occasion

With this kit you will be growing Rocket, Mizuna and Tatsoi... Note - These are NOT your normal cheap seed packets  

Mix and match, grow one variety or them all on one mat together. You can even grow your own seed of choice to create that culinary experience for everyone.  

Kids will eat more healthy food when they have ownership so get them to do all the growing...

WAS $49.95

NOW ONLY $34.95

30% OFF


* Due to strict quarantine regulations we will not ship seeds into WA or TAS

Before crossing Australian State borders ensure to consume, dispose of or declare food, plants and seeds.

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